Reading; a young man thinking about gender roles.

I came across this guest post on Something More Than Sides (written by the bloggers younger brother). It’s great to see young men engaging with their own masculine identities consciously and recognising gender oppression early on. Yay for young people pushing back against the so common ‘yoof’ stereotypes.

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3 Comments on “Reading; a young man thinking about gender roles.”

  1. PharaohKatt Says:

    Hey, PharaohKatt here from Something More Than Sides.

    I’m glad you liked the post. I’m really proud of my brother for thinking about these issues, and for thinking about masculinity without defaulting to “Feminists ruined everything!!”. I’m hoping that he keeps thinking, keeps questioning 🙂

    Thaks for the link love,


  2. DR Says:

    Hey, thanks for the link. That’s an encouraging post about something that needs much wider discussion – any gender discrimination perpetuates all gender discrimination. With child-rearing particularly, apart from the obvious social justice issues, there’s also research to suggest that major every-day masculine involvement in child-care and education is the main factor in producing relatively gender-equal societies across different cultures. (It’s 70s, but that probably increases the accuracy of the cross-cultural data, being largely pre-global media.) Excluding and othering men from the early mother-child unit seems to a) remove supportive models of individualised masculinity and b) force the rejection of perceived feminine/caring attributes as part of full-adulthood, particularly for male-identified teenagers. In this, and many other respects, child-care seems like one of the main issues on which men and women could and should get together to combat damaging societal assumptions – and one where doing so could have a pretty immediate positive impact…

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