Just a picture (with a few words)


Just a quick picture, by way of an apology for my laxness around here.

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4 Comments on “Just a picture (with a few words)”

  1. This is stupid. Do you believe people are against abortion, depending on being able to be pregnant or not?

    This is a good example of “disqualifing who does not think like me”, as used by militant people like you.

    I agree that in some cases, abortion should be legislated. (Medical reasons. Rape)

    But to say “My body is mine. My decision is mine”, does not work.

    You should ask the baby, what is his opinion.

    “Your body is yours. The consequence of your actions, too”.

    • Loony Brain Says:

      First of all, arguing that I can ask a blastocyst’s opinion isn’t feasible. It is not conscious or capable of living on its own yet. It is completely dependant upon my body for sustenance.

      Also, in regard to abortions being okay if I’m raped, rapes are infamous for going unreported (http://rainn.org/statistics). I don’t enjoy the prospect of having to go to a doctor, have them poke around after I’ve been traumatized and somehow medically PROVE I was raped. What if I’m not bruised enough? What if I don’t report fast enough? What if it’s my word against his? What if I don’t pass these tests and am forced to bear my rapist’s child?

      It’s not impossible, and it would be my worst nightmare. I WOULD throw myself down stairs, use clothes hangers, or obtain an abortion illegally to avoid that.

      (Also, for the record, OP, I’m a trans man, and still very capable of bearing a child, though unwilling. I’d like it if you included us in your original statement.)


  2. Nio Says:

    Oh that’s a powerful one. You’re forgiven!

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