The Internet Public Library and Mens Activism

One of the readers of this blog, Erica (thanks Erica), sent me an email the other day about ipl2, the Internet Public Library. It’s an online learning and teaching environment/resource – its tag line (motto?) is “Information you can Trust.”

As Erica found out, if you go; resources by subject/social sciences/gender and sexuality – one of the 68 resources listed is and organisation called Mens Activism. Now, the Mens Activism News Network  is in their own words..

a web site which tracks news and information about men’s issues from around the world. Our particular focus is on promoting activism in support of men’s rights and equality, and providing readers with the latest news stories is one way to inform and empower men’s rights activists in their goals to create a more just and fair society.One unique aspect of is that it is a community-based forum for activists. While there are a handful of site administrators who moderate and post news stories, the vast majority of articles posted to this site come directly from you, the reader.

It seems a little worrying to me that the ipl2, which bills itself as a place you can trust and is administered by professional librarian types, is linking to a user generated content male activist website. Their philosophy and outlook is reasonable and moderate (see here) it’s still a user generated site, and the site administrators promote the site’s philosophy as moderate etc, they are not taking responsibility for users of the site, and use a sneaky (and for me unconvincing) discursive device to get around the “MRA” label;

Why we’re not a men’s rights organization

Please note that The Men’s Activism News Network is not really an organization, but a service to pro-male activists and groups. We feel that there are plenty of excellent men’s rights organizations out there and we should avoid the creation of further divisions within the movement when possible. readers and contributors are members of a community, but we do not have official meetings, membership lists, or anything like that. Anyone with a sincere interest is men’s issues is welcome to become part of this community.

In my opinion linking to Mens Activism from the ipl2  is inappropriate given the audience and educational basis of ipl2 – I would certainly not trust information from Mens Activism. You can contact the ipl2 to ask them to reconsider their materials here.

(UPDATE: IPL is removing the link to the Mens Activism network.)

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One Comment on “The Internet Public Library and Mens Activism”

  1. Wes Gardner Says:

    ipl2 also links to Yahoo! Men.

    Linking to anything under Yahoo! is a bit mystifying anyway, but Yahoo! Men is a directory of websites like “Exposing and opposing antimale sexism”. Within two seconds on I found an article called “Paying the Piper: Why are women so vulnerable to sexual predators who spread AIDS? Does the emasculation of men have anything to do with it?”

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