Reading: An Australian Masculinities Blog

So, I stumbled upon a (new) to me blog about masculinities and men. It’s called Strong Silent Types – Stuff About Men and from my quick initial looking around it seems to have a lot of ace content, including stuff on topics like religion, emotional well being and homosexuality. It’s quite Australian focussed and well written. Check it!

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4 Comments on “Reading: An Australian Masculinities Blog”

  1. ultimo167 Says:

    Thanks for that nice feedback on my blog. I just got home from work to be attacked via a You Tube viewer, for all things, for some words of peace and love I wrote about a video on the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv, so the balance here is quite welcome. And the more people we have talking about masculinity (without the hate) the better…


  2. Erica Says:

    Hey Felix,

    Thank you for the link to this website! I agree with your positive impressions of it. I like that it includes a lot of solid content about male homosexuality. I will definitely share the link with my gay guy friends, too.


  3. Margo S. Says:

    Excellent website with thoughtful commentary. Well done.

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