Reading: Another piece on Feminist Men.

Jeez, what’s going on at the moment? So many male feminist articles. Or, maybe I’m just paying attention now.

Anyway, this article here is another good look at the nuances of men and feminism. And from a Melbourne writer no less (yay).

I’ve spoken here before on my thoughts on men feminism and nomenclature – I tend to go for the clear, yet at times less problematic pro-feminist. I’ve also said before, (and likely will again) that it’s so great to see people and people engaged in feminist discourse recognising that men have a valuable role to play in working towards equality.

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3 Comments on “Reading: Another piece on Feminist Men.”

  1. Clarisse Says:

    What’s going on at the moment? I’m not sure, but I’ve noticed over the past year or so that a lot of different people are sort of converging on this idea of feminist men’s action. Your blog is actually an example, I think, as is my masculinity series, Audacia Ray’s post a while back, Sinclair Sexsmith’s column, and all these different posts in different places …. It seems to be a really fashionable issue right now. Thank god!

  2. I know! Part of me thinks, well as I’ve been talking about this stuff for ages & NOT putting it on the internet, I assume other people are ding the same. And now I’m just seeing more, but there does some to be a larger feminist engagement with masculinities, normative and non. I’m glad to be part of it, in whatever small way i can.

  3. Julian Says:

    I find the article you link to above to be not at all supportive of women feminists who, over decades and still, are betrayed and mistreated by men who call themselves feminist.

    Any man who is “feminist” would not be at all put off by being excluded from women’s groups. Women are socialised to “accommodate” men in every area of life. “Feminist” men would do well to learn how to be accountable to women, and how to respect woman-only spaces.

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