Reading: A great piece on XY Online

I’ve been reading this really good  Pro-feminist FAQ from XY Online, which as I may have mentioned at some point, is a really good resource for stuff on masculinity. This article just hits so many nails on so many heads. So, give it a read, share it amongst your friends, and hold it close to your heart.

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6 Comments on “Reading: A great piece on XY Online”

  1. Clarisse Says:

    Whoa. I’d love to read it, but it’s so badly formatted my eyes are rolling back in my head. If only I could leave a comment.

  2. Aw, It is well worth the effort though.

  3. Nio Says:

    Cool! While I still personally feel Men should be able just call themselves “feminist”, this quote helps me feel I can understand your position:

    “If we call ourselves “feminists”, we run the risk of colonising feminism or looking like we’re saying we’ve got all the answers.”

    I think it was the word “colonising” that flicked a switch in my brain. While I still believe a man should be able to call himself a feminist, I have come across feminist men who have attitudes that I’ve found patronizing and irritating, paternalistic is a good word actually.

    Besides, I clarify my own feminism as “sex positive feminism” so I suppose “pro feminism” is just another way to help mark your position within feminism which is, after all, such a broad term.

    Cool. Good link, despite the eye melting formatting.

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  5. Michael Flood Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on my ‘Pro-feminist FAQ’. And apologies for the terrible formatting. I’ve now fixed and deleted the multiple copies of the piece. See for the revised one.
    michael flood.

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