Just a quick one.

This post is a little tangental, but also a totally relevant.

The website, and moreover online community, Scarleteen is a personal favourite of mine, their tagline is “sex ed for the real world.” And it’s so true, they provide amazing, comprehensive and holistic education. In terms of articles and other content, but also message boards where posters ask a range of questions ranging from the banal to the amazing complex and touching. All of which the Scarleteen volunteers handle amazingly and professionally.

A large focus of the Scarleteen site is on healthy, respectful gender relations and providing a holistic, sex positive understanding of identity. In this I think that Scarleteen is a really valuable resource for young men who are so often lacking in positive, respectful and healthy sexual role models and advice. If you know a young man, point him in the direction of Scarleteen. Seriously.

Aside from my personal bias in thinking that the focus of Scarleteen is vitally important and chronically under prioritised, I think that the Scarleteen boards are one of the best internet message boards I’ve read.

Oh, and they could really use some money. And I don’t just mean in the kinda abstract way that lot’s of people and worthy orgs could use money. They need money to help provide services to a group of people who often couldn’t otherwise afford or access the services Scarleteen provides.

Donate here by the way.

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