Jack Black Saves Some Boobs

Ok, I’ll be upfront at the start. I mostly like Jack Black.

Right  – now that’s out of the way, Jack Black, along with a raft of other celebrity types are doing little promo spots for Men for Women Now– The Noreen Fraser Foundation – an organisation aimed at raising funds and awareness around breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

I like using humour to raise awareness, I like that this is getting guys explicitly concerned with issues of women’s health, and I like mainstreaming of men’s involvement with women’s health.

For the above reasons the I can deal with the objectification of (women’s) bodies (well, breasts) that is implicit in this promo, as I don’t think it’s overtly offensive. I think this spot is well done and is positive in terms of (hopefully) making more men aware of women’s health.

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One Comment on “Jack Black Saves Some Boobs”

  1. Ngaio Says:

    Yeah I think the objectification is mostly inoffensive, it’s somehow self-conscious enough in its silliness not to bother me. Besides, I mostly like Jack Black too.

    I can’t really get into this advert for Rethink, though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQI1tzkwpkI I’ve tried to like it, I mean, it’s pretty clever and if it gets a good message across then maybe it’s worth it but… eh. It’s too hot to be articulate tonight. That’s my excuse and I stand by it.

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