Reading (actual hard copy- ooh!)

Late last week I hear about a new magazine called Spunk – which “explores masculinities and male genders.” This seemed right up my alley (and it TOTALLY is). Better than that it’s a local Melbourne publication, which pleased and surprised me. So I popped down to the excellent Hares & Hyenas and grabbed me a copy. It’s good. nice mix of content, critical articles, interviews, subversive  photo shoots. All good stuff, with a healthy dose of genderfuck . I think what I like about it the best, is that it doesn’t take itself to seriously. All in all a great start and I hope that the good work is continued.

Oh, and you can get it in Hares (as linked above), some place in Sydney and online through their website.

PS – I’m peeved to have missed their launch party.

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3 Comments on “Reading (actual hard copy- ooh!)”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Interesting: as a fellow Melburnian reading/writing around masculinities, I will definitely go and give this a read.

  2. ErikB Says:

    This might be a linguistic misunderstanding, but what exactly do you mean by “a healthy dose of genderfuck”? Just an erosion of the typical binary, or something more/less subversive? Is it explicitly referring to the trans community?

    Also, if the magazine is as well written as the content on their website it seems promising.

    • I tend to use the term ‘genderfuck’ as a catchall term for a broad range of gendered behaviors and expressions that play with and subvert traditional understandings of gender, on whatever level. It’s not explicitly or exclusively a trans term, but it can be. And I wouldn’t say it’s an erosion of The Binary, per se, but it attempts to highlight and critique it. That’s my understanding and use of it at least.

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