An Introduction.

I guess that a first post on a blog is unavoidably one of introduction and explanation.

I’m not sure what precisely ‘Critical Masculinity’ will turn into, or where the  focus will primarily lie, but for now I imagine it to be an exploration into issues around gender, its construction and operation in society, in relation to specific examples of masculine identities & performances.

My interests in this stem from my broader interest in the meaning and operation of gender and sexuality in culture, and specifically understandings of masculinity, and the lack of (what I would call) positive models of masculine identity in the culture with which I am familiar. Particularly I am interested in promoting non-normative & marginalised understandings of masculine identity. Broadly speaking my ideological underpinnings in this area could be characterised as pro-feminist.

But more on this later, I think this will serve as sufficient introduction.

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4 Comments on “An Introduction.”

  1. Wes Says:

    Sounds like an interesting project. I like the multiple meanings of the title.

  2. JNgaio Says:

    Oh this sounds awesome! Great choice of subject matter, I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say.

    I’m wondering if you might find some stuff in this blog interesting: He’s a guy who blogs about sex with a feminist – sex positive slant. He posts a lot so I find him hard to keep up with but I like some of the stuff he says.

  3. This introduction is very similar to mine: I also state that I do not know what path I want my blog to take but that my focus will be on women and all the work they have to do in this wonderful place we call life. I like that the introduction talks about men in the blogger’s culture which I also plan on utilizing in my blog: comparisons of culture and how women are treated as well as how they act. The title threw me off a bit because it sounds so formal yet their introduction was informal and I was easily able to connect with it. My title has already been chosen, “Look What She Did” to show that the blog hopes to highlight women and the great things they can do (I’m also a pro-feminist thinker)!

  4. Jessica Says:

    I am interested in seeing where you go in your exploration of masculinity

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